Financing onsite power for the C&I market.

Episode 4 April 23, 2020 00:58:19
Financing onsite power for the C&I market.
ESI Africa Podcast
Financing onsite power for the C&I market.

Apr 23 2020 | 00:58:19


Show Notes

Don’t let finance hinder you from generating your own power. It is a fact that businesses take a hard knock when power cuts become persistent.

Admittedly the solution, backup power, is costly. So how do C&I firms stay clear of rolling blackouts.

It is high time businesses consider generating their own power! However, funding resources for self-generating onsite projects are often a challenge for small enterprise.

Download this webcast, which presents available options on funding and regulation for onsite power generation to support businesses.

This webinar unpacks:

Financing trends
Risk analysis & opportunities


Peter Page, Investment Associate at responsAbility Investments AG, Switzerland
Jack Radmore, Energy Programme Manager at GreenCape, South Africa
Niveshen Govender, Chief Operating Officer at SAPVIA, South Africa

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