Battery Storage: Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain

Episode 2 April 15, 2020 01:01:02
Battery Storage: Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain
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Battery Storage: Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain

Apr 15 2020 | 01:01:02


Show Notes

The future success of renewable energy and electric vehicles for both consumer markets and utility-scale markets is going to depend largely on the ability to store that energy.

However, current battery storage technologies are expensive, only suitable for short-term back-up, frequency regulation of the grid, and micro-grid applications. There is also the challenge around stability (some are prone to explode), the longevity of the units, and environmental disposal of the used products.

This webinar unpacks:


Mikhail Nikomarov, CEO, Bushveld Energy

Thomas Hillig, Managing Director, THEnergy

Harry Greaves, Executive Director, Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe (Pvt) Limited, Part of the Prospect Resources Group

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